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We are pleased to provide easy access to online games where you can play a wide range of games anytime, anywhere. All your favorite games in all categories like Slot, Fishing, Casino, Poker, Bingo, Esports & Sports betting are here at once. X1-Bet selects the best and most suitable person to provide the best gaming experience with 24/7 access to customer service. We strive for convenience yet ensure strong security measures as we are a reputable online casino platform that follows strict guidelines to provide a safe environment for all members. Everything you need is here, Convenience, a Wide range of game availability, 24/7 Customer Service, a variety of special promotions, and the most important matter is your safety. Let’s conquer the world and be one of the X1-Bet members now!



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Only the most progressive online casinos out there feature Live Casino games, and we’re proud to say that we are one of them. With HD streaming technology, you can engage in Live Casino games like blackjack and roulette at any time, all while dedicated and professional croupiers host to perfection. The best part is that you won’t ever have to leave home to experience the buzz and excitement that our Live Casino games offer, as they can easily be streamed, glitch-free, from your preferred desktop or mobile device.

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We have variety slots, and have a stunning range of hot new releases as well as classic favourites ready and waiting for you. If you are looking for a bit of fun, or need to practice, you can play for free. Want to play for real money? Our encrypted banking service means you can do it securely. Enjoy the best with us.

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Currently, X1BET is the name of the house with the largest number of members in the Philippines and is considered the most experienced gaming portal of all time. With the prestige placed on top, high quality betting products and many attractive promotions. X1BET is definitely a potential stop for you. Let’s take a look at the advantages of X1BET right now!

About X1BET Casino 

X1BET is a bookmaker with a large staff. When coming to X1BET casino, please be assured of cyber security concerns because we have established a cyber security center, ensuring your absolute cyber security. Moreover, X1BET has been recognized by GEOTRUST and issued the most secure website certificate, all members’ information is encrypted to ensure the absolute privacy of players with proven high trust. 

Certificate of Trademark X1BET


Overview of X1BET

X1BET is one of the few bookmakers that is recognized by players for their level of prestige. Therefore, the house is always the first choice of skilled players from senior to newcomers. X1BET is an ideal stopover for many players because of its advantages over its predecessors or peers.

X1BET online is a leading online betting site available in the Philippines. The house promises to bring players fairness and ensure the satisfaction of all customers.

X1BET Formation Process

Currently, there is a lot of incorrect information on cyberspace to confuse public opinion. For those who are new to the house X1BET is really reputable or not? Today X1BET tv will give you a chance to check. At the same time, the house affirms its own name to help players feel secure when choosing.


Betting site X1BET is a legally registered entertainment group of Costa Rica, recognized by the government of this country as the most prestigious, quality and reliable bookmaker. Moreover, this house is also recognized by the Global Online Betting Management Association. All gambling products here are 100% legalized. This has made the X1BET game one of the few bookmakers that can operate strongly in many territories. 

Besides, this entertainment group also encroached and developed in major markets in Asia. Typical examples include Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia,etc.

Operation principle and development orientation of X1BET

Operating principles

Since its launch, X1BET COM ‘s motto has been to be fair in all games and operate with the motto “Customer is God”. Therefore, the house has made great progress and always received the love of many players. 


The evidence for that can easily be seen that the number of members who know how to register for X1BET has increased day by day. And that number has not shown signs of dropping much but also increasing rapidly at a terrible rate. Up to now, more than 7 million X1BET registrations have participated in the activities here.

Orientations for development

To prepare for the long haul, the X1BET house needs a solid foundation. This has prompted the house to actively expand the market and potential customers. Moreover, the goals and directions for development are also clearly set out as:

Expand throughout Asia market

Not only in the Philippines, but in the not too distant future, the prestigious X1BET house will reach out to the world. According to analysts and reviews, X1BET bet is one of the big names expanding across the Asian market. 


This is a very good opportunity to grow and attract the attention of many people. Because the entertainment needs of customers today are increasing. This is considered a very wise strategy. This shows that the ambition of X1BET is to go further in the near future.

This is the top goal when the house has just been established. Reaching out to the international market and being strong in the country is always a prerequisite. Therefore, the development of X1BET has gone through a lot of ups and downs. Despite many difficulties, in return, many successes have been achieved during the past operation.

Become the number one bookmaker in the Philippines

In order to become the leading casino in the Philippines, the house was not only built massively through advertising campaigns or celebrity sponsorships, but X1BET has conquered players and built a brand thanks to its outstanding advantages over the market.

Thanks to the strong investment, possessing a high technical team and a wide range of quality entertainment  products, X1BET has gradually become the leading bookmaker in the Philippines.

Connecting passionate hearts in 3 regions of the country

The goal of the X1BET house is to create an exchange community connecting players between 3 countries similar to the X1BET house. Bringing together a network of hearts with the same beats and passion for betting.

The X1BET game portal understands that the success of an individual must be based on the consensus of a collective. Therefore, X1BET casino always focuses on developing connection exchanges. This is reflected in the offline sessions for all players that are held regularly.

Detailed instructions on how to join the X1BET bookie

Sign up for X1BET >>> View instructions now

Find out X1BET promotion >>> Find out promotion

Deposit money to bet >>> Detailed instructions

Download the convenient X1BET app >>> Detailed steps to download the app

Withdraw money after participating in betting >>> Instructions on how to withdraw money

X1BET brand attraction 

So how did X1BET create such a strong attraction? Let’s follow along to find the most accurate answer.

Featured Layout

Since its inception, X1BET Homepage understands that the interface is the first and most powerful place to attract players. Therefore, X1BET has invested and devoted much to the website interface. If you come to the link to X1BET, you will certainly not be able to find a second website that owns impressive graphics, beautiful and easy to see as here.

The focus on investing in the interface contributes to the house approaching players more easily when giving the players an extremely perfect fighting atmosphere. You will feel the absolute realism. It feels like I am living and participating in the financial atmosphere of the vibrant, bustling at the highest and most class casinos in the world.

Premium X1BET Betting Game Warehouse

Coming to the X1BET casino homepage, you will have to “stand and lose 5s” in front of the huge betting game store that the house owns. The proof of that is that some people have not played all the games here since they registered to open an X1BET account and until now have not played all the games here. So, enough for you to imagine the level of abundance of this game. Therefore, you will not be bored when participating in the experience here. 


The hot games on the market from account, X1BET dragon, X1BET fantasy sports, online casino, X1BET discs, Baccarat, fishing products, jackpot, exploding,… are all available at the house. To learn more about the types of games at X1BET, please do not end the article here because “the movie is still at the end”.

Customer care department operates 24/7

As mentioned above, operating with the motto “Customer is king”, it has  not been afraid to invest in a professional and dedicated customer care team. That helped X1BET win the love of members. This is the first time a customer has come to the playground.

Besides, the customer care team of the house is also dedicated and enthusiastic when always working 24/7 to support the maximum player. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact me to get immediate feedback.

Super fast X1BET deposits, withdrawals

This is one of the reasons why X1BET’s brand appeals. Because, if you play that the deposit X1BET slowly makes you miss the bet or need money urgently but withdrawing will make you extremely inhibited. Understanding that, X1BET city has made its deposit and withdrawal system complete. Here you can be assured of fast deposit and withdrawal. 


The absolute security of information for players here is also the reason why X1BET stands out in the market. Because very few people really care about this stuff. However, we understand that when players download the X1BET app, they understand that protecting player information is also protecting their own interests. 

Thanks to owning a high technical team and state-of-the-art security system, the house is completely confident in the absolute security of user information. Therefore, you can completely experience the X1BET link without worrying about information leakage or any other security issues.

Strong financial potential

With strong financial potential when backed by the world’s leading betting organization. Casino offers a wide range of super attractive promotions. Just by registering an account, you can receive a series of extremely shocking offers. Not only that, this house is also very strong to spend billions on advertising and PR campaigns.

Hot promotions at X1BET

We are confident and very willing to play about X1BET promotions and offers for this member. This is reflected in the extremely attractive incentives that the house offers such as:


– New Member Promotion 

As new players at the X1BET betting site, you will receive huge promotions. Some special offers that the house for new members can be mentioned as:

X1BET gives away 2 USD free to new members. The special feature of this program is that even if the player has not deposited money into the account, he will receive a bonus.


Get daily cashback on betting games at X1BET

– Recharge promotion on the 18th of each month 

On the 18th of each month, the company will support players to deposit promotions. Make sure you complete the transaction quickly so that you can immediately receive the bonus on your account.

 For members who have just joined the lobby such as Sports, Casino, Cockfight, Fantasy Sports,… the house will give you a score from 38 to 8,888 points. The higher the deposit amount to the house, the more bonus you will receive accordingly.

– Private promotion every time you deposit 

The offer at the X1BET betting site is available to all members including new players and former members. Just choose Deposit Online, you will have the opportunity to receive a 3-5% discount and do not count the lottery program.


After the deposit is completed, the system will automatically send a bonus message to the player later. So don’t forget to check the confirmation to receive the gift to your account. And these programs also apply indefinitely. Everyone gets great benefits from the house.

Fast transactions

Trading at X1BET is very flexible and fast. It only takes 5-10 minutes for you to be able to easily transfer money successfully. Besides, the company also connects a variety of banks so that players are more convenient in trading.

Types of trading at X1BET

The types of transactions at X1BET are extremely diverse because the dealer understands that this will help players have more choices. Here, you can use bank cards, e-wallets, or quickly redeem rewards via scratch cards or direct transfers,etc.

Affiliated payment gateways

X1BET owns connections with many large banks in the Philippines such as Sacombank, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Techcombank, MB Bank,etc. Moreover, the house also has payment gateways associated with electronic wallets such as Momo, Viettel Pay,etc.

Super High Odds

The house owns the payline as well as the super high odds. If you play here, you can rest assured. Because there will never be a case of cutting or anything that affects the odds in the game.

Player X1BET Casino Review

It is the above advantages that X1BET info always receives positive comments and reviews from members. Most players have the same feeling that X1BET is one of the top reputable and most experienced bookmakers in the Philippines.

Betting products at X1BET 

You guys are looking forward to this one, right? As revealed above, the advantage of making the name of the X1BET casino is largely due to the diverse and classy game store here. All the popular games on the market are fully gathered at the house.

X1BET is always focused on developing and upgrading the game system to bring the most unique experience to its players. The classic products when logging into X1BET must include:

Sports products at X1BET are super attractive

Football, basketball, badminton, tennis,… are all subjects in our sports betting. Here, you will be able to choose from many different types of bets.

Along with that, there is a great rate of green eating, so there will be countless opportunities to change the fortunes for Vietnamese players. Moreover, Olympic or Sea Games are included in the betting and do not miss any special sports. Especially the following types of United Gaming, Saba sports, Sbobet, CMD368, BTi..

X1BET Online Casino Overview

Coming to X1BET Casino, of course you will not be able to ignore the attractive red and black card games of many generations of Vietnamese players. X1BET  brings you a top quality casino in the world today. You will feel like you are in the most luxurious casinos.


The famous card game products that you will have the opportunity to experience such as Poker, BaccaratX1BET, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger,… Besides, not only does owning the actual live TV system ensure fairness. Live casino at the house also has extremely beautiful dealers and you can interact as if you are playing at a high-class casino.

Shoot X1BET fish to redeem extremely high rewards

This is one of the interesting games that you should not miss when visiting. In the fishing hall, there are always busy visitors to “hunt” because of the simple rules and extremely high redemption rate. As long as you catch more fish, you will receive a very good amount of money.

Unique Online Lottery

With a top online betting address like X1BET, lotteries are indispensable. Currently, the number of people who know and participate in online lotteries is not small. Therefore, reputable units such as X1BET must definitely provide this type. The X1BET online lottery overcomes all the disadvantages of traditional lotteries. So, what are you waiting for without participating in the lottery at our house? If you play the traditional lottery, the payout that you get the most is only 1 to 70, even 80.

Chicken products at X1BET directly ignite

This is one of the new games brought home by the house. X1BET live cockfighting helps you to satisfy your passion for watching home games. Not only that, you can bet and get attractive rewards here.

X1BET is considered an ideal place that players can not ignore. The house guarantees you a safe, reputable, legal and quality playing address. Even the payoff rate is much higher than the traditional cockfight with multi-dimensional and realistic angles.

Multiplayer Slot Games

X1BET’ s slot games are extremely diverse with more than 100 famous games from leading game providers. This is a collection of the hottest slot games on the market with a smart design interface and close to a higher payout than other bookmakers. 


Along with the number of Jackpot diversity and abundance, this game lobby always attracts a large number of players. Moreover, the House also creates its own separate and privileged games to make a difference and unique.

Other special types of games

Besides the popular game genres mentioned above, X1BET also has a lot of other games such as 3D games, Devil’s Parade, Hidden Gold Island, Lucky Taurus, Grassland, Lucky Animals, Fruits slot, Songkran, Goldfish..

In addition, the X1BET house also gives gamers a lot of new and attractive games with extremely high eating rates such as: Fan tan, Filipino lottery, Alchemy, winter land, Super Heroes, Amazon forest, Race god, Circus Rabbit, Candy Planet, Charm 5, Dalang, DJ King Monkey, E-Lo To, Dinosaur Immortal, Feng Shen …

Participating in attractive games at X1BET casino, all players will have the opportunity to receive unexpected promotions. Whether new players or old players can receive attractive gifts to experience. Obviously, when coming to this playground, you will never be bored when you are always changing every day.

Frequently Asked Questions When Playing at X1BET Casino


Is the rumor that X1BET is a scam true?

Currently, there are many rumors that the X1BET house cheats players. What is X1BET? what isX1BET? and they cheat like that. However, please note that this is completely FALSE. Because, if the house is a scam, the brand does not last long in the market like this. All these sources of misinformation come from unsavory competitors. They want to take advantage of bad things to lower the prestige of the house.

Should I bet on X1BET?

This is a question that many people wonder when faced with countless options for the house. With many years of experience in the market, X1BET agent will surely bring you many interesting experiences.In addition, the house is known as the most prestigious gaming portal in Asia. It is the largest entertainment group in the world, M.A.N Entertainment Group.