Dragon Tiger one of the most well-known casino games right now. This particular game is from Cambodia. In fact, the betting structure is inspired from Baccarat. As there are only two cards visible, the majority of the casino players preferred this Dragon Tiger as enjoyable. This game can be found on various online gaming sites, including X1BET. Most of the casino preferred this a fun game since it only shows 2 cards.

Generally speaking, Dragon Tiger provides a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience that results in an action-packed game where the cards with the highest score win. The winner is determined by the highest score.

Brief introduction about Dragon Tiger

Get into the game

Playing Dragon Tiger is quite easy. Two cards are dealt; each hand receives one card on the table. The highest card will be the winner. You, the player, you can place your wagers on either the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. Similar to this, on X1BET‘s online betting platform, Dragon Tiger game all you have to do is place your cash chips in the box of your choice and wait for the winning card in the Dragon Tiger.

Ways to play the Dragon Tiger game

Simple understanding of the rules

Eight decks of 52 playing cards are used in Dragon Tiger. Players can bet choose on “Dragon” or “Tiger”. In the event of Tie, the two cards will show same value. Two cards will produce, one for each of the Dragon and Tiger and will deal face up by the dealer. The King is the highest card and the Ace is the lowest in this game. Making this Dragon Tiger one of the most basic table games in terms of its simple idea.

What does Dragon Tiger aim to accomplish?

Objective of the game

Players must make an educated prediction regarding which side of the table will contain the highest card value in order to win the Dragon Tiger. In the Dragon Tiger game, the K card has the highest rank value, while the ace has the lowest. A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K are the cards in sequence from low to high.

Why this game has similarity in Baccarat

Structure and betting system

Dragon Tiger adheres to the rules and betting structure of baccarat. The King is value at the greatest level while the Ace is the lowest. The player can choose between wagering on the Tiger and the Dragon. In addition to wagering on these two, a side bet is also permit in Dragon Tiger.

Betting in X1BET platform

To play Dragon Tiger online, X1BET offers this game, too. The platform develops safety and security of the players. The simplicity of the user interface in the site of the game Dragon Tiger is likewise fascinating. Also, X1BET has helpful customer service and agents you can ask for more details. Based on the reviews and surveys conducted online, Dragon Tiger are one of the most recommended card game aside from slots, sports betting and cockfighting.

Strategies and pay outs

Generally, Dragon Tiger is not the world’s most challenging casino game. Because of this, you might assume that there isn’t much approach. Yet, in Dragon Tiger there are some things you can do—or, more importantly, avoid—to reduce your possible losses.

Dragon Tiger has payouts. If you bet in the main box, the Dragon or Tiger it pays same amount of what you bet same in other side bets. Side bets in Dragon Tiger depends on the casinos and online promotion and what they offer in the table. Meanwhile, Tie pays times 10 on your wager.              


Dragon Tiger has truly become one of the most played casino games in the world due to how easy and quick it is to play. So, take advantage of a number of fascinating side bets while you are enjoying this casino classic to increase your wins.

In conclusion, playing Dragon Tiger at X1BET is a thrilling and fast-paced experience that captivates players with its simplicity and high potential for winning. With X1BET‘s reliable platform and user-friendly interface, players can easily access and enjoy this popular casino game. The game offers straightforward rules, where players simply bet on whether the Dragon or Tiger hand will have a higher card value. With the opportunity for quick rounds and impressive payouts, Dragon Tiger at X1BET guarantees an exciting gambling experience. So, join X1BET now and immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Tiger, where luck and strategy combine to bring you thrilling wins. Good luck and may the Dragon or Tiger be on your side!