Watch Live SABONG you will be tune in with the exciting atmosphere of the matches, the top-notch and breathtaking competitions. We report Live cockfight online, all cocks are using spurs here in Philippines. What are you waiting for? Following us right away to not miss out some of the best matches



If you are a fan of SABONG and betting, you will definitely want to go directly to the cockpit to watch the match. However, in Philippines law, cockfight is prohibited in some areas.

But in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, … SABONG is considered a type of historical value, this million-dollar industry is still going strong until now.

If you want to watch Live SABONG, there will be two forms for you to choose, specifically:

  • Go directly to Chicken Arena in Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, …
  • Follow interesting matches through the website. You can imagine it like watching Premier League football live on TV.

Live SABONG in Philippines

If you’re a SABONG fan or simply curious about cockfight in general, you have certainly heard of the Philippines arena or Philippines Live SABONG. So, do you know what Philippines SABONG is?

Philippines cockpit is actually the largest Chicken Arena in Philippines today, every day here takes place at least 10-20 professional cockfighting matches, with attractiveness and excitement. Possessing a spacious area and large capacity, every day there are always hundreds of people (including owners, players, watchers …) focused on watching the matches.

Besides, the Philippines Chicken Arena also installs modern equipment, professional filming angles … to help the matches be reported live in the clearest way.

Live cockfight Philippines mainly offers cockfight matches, each match is worth watching – memorable and worth experiencing.

Iron Spurs SABONG extremely eye-catching and attracting

The attraction in this type of cockfight is that each rooster will be equipped with an additional “weapon” on his side. The goal is to increase damage in matches. For example, when two roosters rely on endurance to determine victory and defeat. But with spurs, victory will belong to the “one” who has strength, and even luck. Because the battle can end in just 3-5 short minutes with just a dangerous kick in internal organs or eyes – causing the opponent to collapse on the floor.

Perhaps this is also one of the attractions of cockfight, the matches are always passionate, bloody, dramatic but no less classy.


For those of you who are playing Live SABONG Online, it is very important to predict the right outcome in order to win money. Understand customer need, our website opens a comment function. There are a lot of players with experience in Live cockfight will predict the result for you to refer to.

Live SABONG with spurs

During the epidemic, until now Philippines cockfight still has not been active again. Gamblers who love SABONG have switched to the Philippine arena, so the demand for watching and betting has also increased.

Online Casino for SABONG

Many people often do not understand the concept of live casino cockfight. It can be said that these cockpits often cooperate with casinos to provide their live matches. The purpose is to both earn money on each match and earn commissions when players bet.

Philippines Arena – A professional place for people love to watch SABONG

If you have ever bet on online casinos, you will see that the Meron door always has a lower payout ratio than the Wala door. So, consider carefully before placing bet

At our site, we mainly provide live cockfight with commentators. It can be said that this is a healthy playground for cockfight enthusiasts. This quality site created just for you – something that is hard to find in Philippines.


For example, in football, after the preliminary round, the teams will compete to enter the 3rd – 2nd round and finally determine the winner and loser in the 1st round.

It is the same in SABONG. In addition to providing attractive matches every day, The Philippines cockpit, also annually organizes competitions between famous cocks.

Online cockfight is the most attractive, eye-catching and professional competition you could ever watch. Because two fighting cocks have defeated many opponents to enter the final round. You can track at our site in the fastest and most accurate result without having to register to create an account like other websites or bookmakers.

Online SABONG with spurs

Besides cockfight matches, our site also offers Iron Spurs cockfight.

The difference between cockfight and cockfight with spurs not only in the name but also in the attached weapon, material and shape. Specifically:

  • Blade Spurs SABONG: Use a spur made of a knife, with high sharpness. The spur is designed like a small knife, with a sharp point that curves upwards. When hit, the wound will have a deep tear like a knife.

Iron Spurs SABONG: Using iron spurs, high sharpness. The spur is designed as a sharp, pointed nail. When hit, the wound looks like a nail, deep but not wide.

In terms of common ground, Iron of Blade Spurs all take place quite quickly, a long match is about 10-15 minutes, and fast is 5-6 minutes. There are a few classic matches that end in just one minute thanks to the force of strong, dangerous kicks into the opponent’s internal organs.

Our site specializes in SABONG commentor

Not everyone can afford to go back and forth from country to country just to watch SABONG. Moreover, in the pandemic Covid-19 has not yet had a secure treatment, such travel would be very dangerous.

Therefore, the form of watching Online SABONG is chosen by many people. Because of its convenience, safety, speed, and time and cost savings. So where do you want to watch the latest live SABONG today? Our site will be the ideal suggestion for you. The website specializes in updating the most attractive and top-notch  matches that are reported live at the Philippines Arena, promising to satisfy even the most fastidious watchers.

Benefits of watching Online SABONG at our site

It is not natural that the online form of SABONG is so loved by many people. Some prominent benefits can be mentioned such as:

– Not breaking the law: This is the most favorite advantage of many people. Because the online SABONG monitoring will take place on electronic devices such as phones/PCs/laptops. Moreover, matches that take place overseas and are broadcast live through a certain network channel are not banned.

– Fast, convenient: Watch online, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just an electronic device with internet/wifi connection is enough for you to watch the matches you want.

– Many matches a day: As mentioned above, SABONG takes place at Philippines Arena – Philippines, every day there will be at least 10-20 matches for you to watch, you can watch at any time.

– Review old matches: This is one of the utilities when watching at our site. Almost every match of the day is saved, in case the SABONG enthusiasts are too busy to follow the live stream.

– With commentator: The interesting point that you will feel clearly when watching SABONG at our site is that every match has an accompanying commentator. Helping you to understand what is going on, which cock is gained the upper hand or just kicked a dangerous hook. Just like in football, not everyone understands everything going on in the field, there will be commentators to help. Help viewers easily follow and feel the most passionate.

Intense matches at our site


Watch Live SABONG at our site, you will surely satisfy your passions and interests, without worrying about scams. Because we do not ask viewers to register or deposit anything. All because of the common passion for traditional SABONG. Besides, our website also regularly updates information related to chickens such as knowledge of SABONG, news of SABONG, synthesis of good fight, etc. Don’t forget to leave your comments for us. Under every good post!