Accompanying the gaming community for over 5 years until now, X1BET is one of the most beloved betting brands. The company has attracted many players with its diversity and quality in each type of game.

X1BET is a professional online betting site that offers players a wide range of diverse products such as sports betting, live casinos, cockfighting, slot games, etc. X1BET uses modern betting technology, providing players with an exciting and engaging entertainment experience.

Let’s explore the strengths and attractions of X1BET betting site through the content below!

Presenting the betting business X1BET

X1BET is a football betting website established in 2018 based on the original model of the UK market. X1BET is managed by a large and powerful financial group headquartered in Manila, Philippines, which is one of the leading financial groups in the world.

The X1BET betting company serves players in over 10 countries and is committed to providing customers with the best odds every day. Many bettors when talking about X1BET comment that it is a reputable bookmaker that cannot be ignored.

X1BET constantly releases many exciting games and special services that many players love. The bookmaker never stops developing to create an interesting and safe playground, allowing players to experience betting anywhere and anytime.

The Positive aspects of X1BET Bookmaker

The highlight of X1BET ensures that players always have the opportunity to achieve the best results every time they place a bet. With these advantages, X1BET is evaluated as one of the most reliable and high-quality bookmakers in the current betting market.

Website interface

X1BET is an online betting site with a modern, attractive, and user-friendly website interface. This interface is harmoniously combined with alternating blue and purple colors, creating a comfortable and relaxed feeling for players when participating in betting.

The game categories and account management of X1BET are designed to be beautiful, tidy, and scientific, with many different languages to make it easy for players to use. In addition, X1BET ‘s website is compatible with both computers and smartphones, with fast page loading speed and no lagging.

Customer data protection

The security system is always optimized as possible

This is very important and necessary in the field of online betting, as the personal information of players is one of the top concerns. X1BET also applies strict security measures such as 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure the safety of transaction information and betting activities.

When registering for an account, players need to provide accurate and complete information, and use a strong password to protect their account.

All transactions carried out on X1BET ‘s platform are encrypted and highly secured, giving players peace of mind when participating in online betting here.

All year-round promotion

X1BET is an online betting site that offers many attractive benefits to players. Specifically, X1BET has promotions for all game platforms. Players can participate in their favorite games and receive many attractive offers from the bookmaker.

The bookie always updates new promotions every day and regularly. Players can receive valuable rewards such as bonuses or gifts when participating in the bookie’s promotional activities.

X1BET offers a high refund policy. Players participating in games will receive a high refund rate, saving costs and increasing their chances of winning big. With this refund policy, X1BET has attracted many players to participate and become one of the most popular bookmakers in the market.

Care for customers

X1BET focuses on ensuring the quality of service and the best experience for players. Their professional customer service team is one of the important factors in achieving this goal. We believe that with the enthusiastic support and dedication of the customer service team, technicians, players will always feel reassured and confident when using X1BET ‘s services.

You can contact customer service through the following methods:

Online games at X1BET

X1BET is one of the leading reputable bookmakers today with many exciting betting games that attract millions of registered users. X1BET not only offers a diverse range of games, but also has impressive incentive policies that not every bookmaker can achieve.

By joining X1BET, players can freely participate in sports betting with high winning rates and have the chance to receive many attractive rewards. X1BET commits to providing players with the best betting experience with diversity, quality, and absolute safety.


X1BET offers exciting sports betting games, including basketball, football, horse racing, and much more. Players can participate in placing bets with the odds offered by the bookmaker.

With live football betting, X1BET offers players high rewards on football bets and an amazing experience in every match. Especially in major matches attracting millions of viewers worldwide, X1BET offers a variety of attractive odds such as over/under, European handicap, Asian handicap, and more. Therefore, the betting community rates X1BET as the bookmaker with the strongest and largest investment in sports betting.

Casino live

The online casino market is an ideal destination for many gambling enthusiasts with a variety of high-quality and diverse card game systems that are beloved by many.

Currently, X1BET Casino is one of the shining spots with numerous attractive online casino games such as no commission Baccarat, cow cow, classic baccarat, and many casino halls with continuous playing and serving betting at all times.

Each game has detailed rules, so players can freely choose and experience many exciting things at X1BET.

Card games

Game bài, or card games, are exciting games loved by many and played at betting sites with attractive prizes. Currently, this is one of the prominent games at betting sites. At X1BET, players can experience a variety of card games such as Three-card poker, Roulette, Bull Bull, and many more.


Cockfighting is a traditional game that is characteristic of X1BET, where players can participate in betting on any cockfight in the world, regardless of whether the match is famous or unknown. X1BET compiles and broadcasts these cockfights live from all over, bringing players unique and exciting experiences.

If you love cockfighting games, then X1BET is an excellent choice as it is the only place in the Vietnamese betting market.

Slot game

X1BET offers a variety of slot games with a user-friendly interface, beautiful graphics, and convenient support for players to search and join games. Register now to experience many exciting things and have the opportunity to win attractive bonus prizes when participating in betting. That will surely be an exciting and full of potential experience.

Lottery – Vietlot

Regularly updated, X1BET offers players a variety of exciting lottery games. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for players to choose their lucky numbers. Each lottery game will have different types of bets, so players need to spend some time researching and analyzing strategies for an easy win.

Furthermore, X1BET has added new lottery games such as Lotto, Keno, and traditional lottery, with various types of bets and high winning odds. This provides many choices for players and increases the excitement and suspense of the lottery game.

How to register and deposit/withdraw money at X1BET

Register an account

The account registration process is not too complicated. You only need to have a smartphone and a mobile SIM card.

  • Step 1: Go to the X1BET website and click on the registration button
  • Step 2: Enter username
  • Step 3: Enter login password and confirm again
  • Step 4: Enter the correct phone number
  • Finally, click “register” and you’re done

Deposit at X1BET

How to download app X1BET mobile simple for IOS + Android users

Players who participate in betting at X1BET can deposit money through various forms such as online banking, internet banking, momo wallet, in-person transactions… quickly and easily. The transaction time is only about 5 minutes and all information related to the transaction is notified in detail to the depositor.

Deposit at X1BET is always guaranteed to be safe and reliable because the bookmaker has partnered with many major banks in Vietnam. To deposit money into their account, players only need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the official website of X1BET.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account.
  • Step 3: Select the deposit option.
  • Step 4: Choose the deposit method and provide the necessary information.
  • Step 5: Select “Deposit now” and wait for the money to be updated to your account, then you can start betting.

Withdrawal at X1BET

When you win any game at X1BET and want to withdraw money, you need to follow the following 3 steps to ensure successful withdrawal:

Step 1: Transfer funds to X1BET: Access the website and select “Transfer money”, then choose “Transfer funds” and enter the amount to transfer from the game account to the bookmaker account.

Step 2: Withdrawal: Access “Transfer money” and select “Withdrawal”. Then, fill in the required information for the withdrawal request from the bookmaker.

Step 3: Confirmation: Finally, you need to confirm the withdrawal request so that X1BET can receive the request and proceed with the withdrawal for you.

X1BET member reviews

This is a famous and highly regarded bookmaker in the Asian and Vietnamese betting market. X1BET has been operating for many years and has achieved a high level of reputation in the field of betting. Players can rest assured to participate here because customer information and data are absolutely confidential. In addition, the bookmaker also has a professional, attentive staff and serves 24/7.

At X1BET, the process of depositing and withdrawing money is fast and convenient. The website interface is visually appealing and easy to use. The categories are arranged scientifically, helping players easily find and participate in a variety of diverse and attractive games.

Notes at X1BET

  1. One important thing that every member of X1BET needs to note is that they are only allowed to register one account. This ensures transparency, fairness, and helps prevent fraudulent activities during the betting process.
  2. Safety and responsibility are always a top priority at X1BET, so only members who are 18 years of age or older are allowed to register for an account to participate in betting games. This helps protect the rights of players and avoid unnecessary legal issues.
  3. To successfully register an account at X1BET, it is necessary to fill in personal information completely and accurately. Only when the information is confirmed to be accurate can the player successfully deposit and withdraw money. X1BET is committed to absolute customer information security, helping you feel secure participating in betting games in a safe and reliable way.
  4. The bookmaker supports players to withdraw money every day, but according to anti-money laundering regulations, players can only withdraw a maximum of 1 billion VND at a time and a maximum of 10 billion VND per day. Players should withdraw money in the morning and on weekdays as bank transactions will be faster.


X1BET has established a strong position in the market thanks to its excellent quality of service, and can be considered an ideal playground for the online betting community in Vietnam. If you want to experience the excellent services of X1BET and have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards, register now!

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