X1BET is one of the most reputable and safest online betting and gaming platforms in Asia, offering a wide range of options for sports betting, cockfighting, casino games, slots, and online gaming. With a professional and experienced team in the industry, X1BET is committed to providing customers with the best and most reliable entertainment experiences. You can easily and conveniently join our online gaming options and choose from a variety of games for your entertainment pleasure.

Development history of X1BET

X1BET was established in 2018 and operates under the license of Costa Rica. It is one of the emerging online betting sites in the market. With the strong development of the online betting industry in Costa Rica, X1BET quickly gained attention and trust from players.

X1BET has been and is constantly making efforts to invest and improve its technical system, always ensuring transparency in every transaction, while updating the latest information about products and policies for players.

Furthermore, X1BET also aims to bring luck and prosperity to its players. With high-quality products and the best customer support system, the bookmaker has helped many people in the online betting community become successful and wealthy.

The operating philosophy of X1BET

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority of X1BET. To meet the needs of players, the company always updates and provides the latest and most attractive games.

To enhance customer experience, we are focusing on improving our payment system. We have partnered with various payment providers and are exploring new payment methods to enable customers to make transactions quickly, easily, and conveniently. We will continue to update and develop our payment system to meet the growing needs of our customers.

X1BET provides 24/7 customer support services, helping players to clarify their questions and resolve issues related to games and transactions. Through this, the company aims to bring the best experience to users and build trust and support from customers.

Link to X1BET betting site

Below is detailed information about the X1BET website, a leading reputable online betting website in Asia. However, due to the policies of network providers in Philippines, access to this website may be blocked. To help members access the website easily, we will continuously update the following new links:

Members can download the app to their phone for a smoother and better experience, following the instructions below.

Instructions for downloading the app on IOS operating system:
Members follow the following instructions to successfully register an account:

Instructions for downloading the app on Android operating system:

Members follow the following instructions to successfully register an account:

Why should you choose X1BET?

X1BET bookmaker stands out with many advantages, here are the strengths of this bookmaker.

The professional, attractive and user-friendly interface

X1BET utilizes the most advanced technology to continuously improve and upgrade its system, thereby bringing the best online betting experience to its players.

The features on the website are also intelligently and intuitively designed, making it easy for users to search for and access games and place bets conveniently.

The website layout of X1BET is very clear and easy to use. In addition, the bookmaker also provides detailed instructions for each game platform, helping players easily grasp the rules of play as well as how to participate effectively.

Safety and security of customer information.

X1BET uses advanced SSL 128-bit encryption technology to secure customers’ personal information. This is one of the most modern and secure information security technologies available today.

X1BET has a team of cybersecurity experts to ensure the security and protection of the system. All of this helps players feel confident and trust when placing bets here.

Therefore, we commit to ensuring the safety and security of each customer’s personal information. You can rest assured to provide personal information when registering an account or performing transactions on our system.

Deposit – Withdraw quickly

Quick deposit and withdrawal are a very positive and convenient point for bettors. The easy and fast process of depositing and withdrawing money helps players focus on their entertainment experience and increases their chances of winning.

In addition, the diversity of payment methods also makes it more convenient for players to transact at X1BET bookmaker.

The professional customer service team is available 24/7

X1BET is famous for its carefully selected and well-trained team of employees, ensuring professional and effective support for players.

Customer support operates 24/7 to meet the support needs of each customer at any time.

Members can contact the bookmaker through many different channels such as Livechat, Telegram, Facebook, Zalo, Email, or emergency phone numbers. This way, you will receive quick and effective support from our professional staff. There is no need to worry about any problems, the bookmaker is always ready to answer and help members as soon as possible.

Promotions overflowing throughout the year

The promotion policies at X1BET are really attractive and diverse, giving players many chances to win prizes and enhance the excitement when participating in games.

The bookmaker regularly organizes customer appreciation programs for new and loyal customers such as gifts, prizes, and special monthly and annual bonuses.

The cashback program is also an excellent support policy that helps you get back a portion of the lost bets. The bookmaker also has a special promotion program for beginners, helping them to experience games for free and more conveniently.

The impressive game library at X1BET

When accessing the website, you will discover a diverse and trendy game collection that provides you with many opportunities to make money.

The massive game collection is a highlight of the betting site, providing players with various emotions and unique entertainment experiences.


Sports betting at X1BET is the most popular and high-class betting sport. The sports hall is impressively designed with famous football betting halls such as SABA, SBOBET, and CMD368, etc. In addition, X1BET also provides a full range of sports betting categories such as basketball, football, live football betting, racing, horse racing, tennis, etc. The image and sound quality of the sports halls are carefully invested, bringing players a quality entertainment space.

In particular, X1BET provides the most specific and easy-to-understand playing instructions for each sports discipline in the betting hall, helping new players quickly grasp the rules. The sports betting arena at X1BET‘s homepage offers countless attractive promotional rewards, ensuring that players receive extremely generous gifts from the house.

In addition to traditional sports activities, X1BET also provides a diverse and rich selection of electronic sports games. These games are increasingly attracting the attention of many players due to their high entertainment value and the opportunity to earn attractive prizes.

Online Casino

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular and attracting the attention of many players. Thanks to the development of technology, X1BET brings players an experience similar to that of traditional casinos through online casino games such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack, Sic Bo, slot games, poker, and many other games.

Online casino at X1BET also has many advantages such as convenience, safety, product diversity, and easy accessibility.


Participating in betting at X1BET is a great experience for those who love gambling, especially the game of cockfighting. Cockfighting arenas such as Thomo, Philippines, and Bo Ga 67 are famous destinations that many people love.

Collaborating with major cockfighting arenas such as SV388, WS168, cockfighting 169, cockfighting 179, … members will be able to follow exciting matches, which is really a good choice for experiencing without having to go far.

Card games

A compilation of modernly configured and vividly colored game portals, members will not be able to take their eyes off when it comes to card games.

Card games are rated as the easiest and most winnable betting games. The rules are relatively simple and are detailly instructed on each gaming platform, making it easy for players to understand the rules and betting tips.

Slot game

The most noteworthy category at the main gaming portal is the X1BET slot game with prizes. With over 50 updated game halls, countless diverse and rich games, each game is designed with its own theme and becomes prominent with beautiful 3D graphics.

If you are lucky, you can win a huge Jackpot of up to billions of pesos. Join now to have the chance to become a lucky life-changing winner.


The trend of replacing traditional lottery with online lottery rooms at X1BET is increasing due to its convenience. Players can place bets from home just by registering for a free account on X1BET. The bookmaker provides a history of bets placed and winning numbers to help members choose their lucky numbers. Betting is also very flexible, members can bet anytime and bet with any desired amount.

The online lottery halls at X1BET allow members to participate in the lottery in a safer and more convenient way. The betting tickets will be stored in the system, and the winnings will be transferred directly to each member’s game account. Members can withdraw money to their ATM accounts at any time.


X1BET is ready to answer the questions that players may encounter when experiencing betting at the gaming portal. Please provide me with the questions you want to be answered. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions together with X1BET.

Is X1BET a reputable bookmaker?

X1BET is considered one of the most reputable and reliable betting destinations in the market. This is not a coincidence because we have significant factors:

  • X1BET operates with a full license from the Costa Rican government, ensuring that their operations are regulated and closely monitored.
  • X1BET has a highly secure security and safety system, ensuring that players’ personal information is protected and secure.
  • X1BET offers a wide range of diverse and rich games, including sports betting, online casino and horse racing games. Players have many options according to their preferences.
  • X1BET offers attractive promotions and incentives for players, including special promotional packages for new players and weekly promotions for existing members.
  • X1BET provides professional and friendly customer service, ready to answer any questions and support players when necessary.

X1BET has built trust and confidence from a large number of players in the betting market with the above factors.

How many gaming accounts can a member create?

X1BET stipulates that each player is only allowed to register one account as a measure to ensure transparency and fairness in providing betting services. This way, X1BET will avoid violations and ensure safety for players.

If a player is found to violate this regulation, X1BET will immediately lock the account and withdraw the funds in the player’s account. This is also a way to protect the rights of other players and maintain fairness in betting.

What is the minimum age requirement for registering an account on X1BET?

Players must be 18 years old or older to participate in betting. In case of suspicion, the provider has the right to request players to provide verification documents to confirm their information. This helps ensure accuracy and prevent fraud, ensuring fairness for players.

What should I do if I forget my password?

To recover the password for X1BET account, players can follow two methods:

  • The first way is to click on the “Forgot password” section on the login screen and proceed to choose verification via SMS or contact a support staff. If this option is chosen, the system will send a verification code via text message. The player can then enter this code and proceed to create a new password.
  • The second way is to contact X1BET‘s Customer Care department for instructions on how to recover the password. Advisors will assist players in the password recovery process and provide detailed instructions to help them succeed.

Members can deposit money through which payment method available on the X1BET platform?

X1BET offers various payment methods to optimize the customer experience. This helps players not to spend too much time in the process of depositing/withdrawing money.

The bookmaker has collaborated with major banks in Vietnam, including Vietcombank, BIDV, Techcombank, and many others, allowing players to use payment methods that are suitable for them.

What is the maximum amount that a member can withdraw?

X1BET does not impose a limit on the number of times members can withdraw money per day. However, in accordance with regulations on anti-money laundering, the website only allows transactions of up to 1 billion VND per withdrawal and a maximum of 10 billion VND per day.

In addition, players must use an account with the same name as the registered information to withdraw money. If the information does not match, the withdrawal request will not be approved.


The information provided above offers members details about X1BET, a leading online betting platform in Asia that is known for its credibility. With millions of players worldwide, X1BET caters to the entertainment and betting needs of a large number of customers. To experience top-notch entertainment and the chance to earn significant profits, register and join X1BET today.

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