X1BET is a reputable bookmaker specializing in providing a wide range of games for players such as sports betting, casino, cockfighting, slots, etc. Operating legally, X1BET is considered one of the reliable bookmakers in the market. With unique features and many attractive offers, X1BET has won the hearts of a large community of gamers.

The history of the formation and development of X1BET

X1BET casino is one of the leading casinos in Asia, a multinational entertainment conglomerate headquartered in the capital center of Manila, Philippines. X1BET was first established in 2018, at the Trump Tower Manila building in the Philippines – considered the “cradle” of the online betting industry. With creativity and relentless effort from the development team, X1BET has been a leader in this field for over 5 years, attracting over 10 million registered members.

To continuously develop, the bookmaker constantly updates and upgrades day by day in many areas. The interface of the bookmaker is constantly improved to provide the best experience for players.

Additionally, the casino’s gaming products are also regularly updated to ensure they always meet the entertainment needs of customers.

Attractive promotional policies and attentive customer care are also among the important factors that help the house maintain its reputation and attract players.

The operating philosophy of X1BET casino

Dedication and integrity are the core values that X1BET should aim for. The company is renowned for its dedication to customers, always prioritizing service quality and maintaining a high level of trust in the hearts of customers.

Quality is always the most important criterion in any field, especially in the online entertainment industry. The house meets this criterion by providing the best quality products and services to customers.

To meet the demand and create satisfaction for customers, the bookmaker always pays attention to customer care, creates attractive policies and services, bringing excellent experiences to customers.

Official website link

Currently, the issue of fake links has become increasingly common in the online entertainment industry, especially for large companies like X1BET. This creates many difficulties for members who want to access the correct X1BET website.

To ensure security and avoid fraud, members should access the following official links of the betting house:

In addition, members need to be cautious with fake links that may lead to fraudulent websites. To avoid losing money and personal information, members should carefully check the links before accessing them.

To ensure stability in configuration and more convenience, members can download the X1BET app to their own phone or computer.

Download the Android operating system app

So how can one register an account to participate in betting here? Members can follow the instructions below.

How to register an account at X1BET

Registering an account requires accurate information from the account holder in order to facilitate faster deposits and withdrawals, and avoid errors that could affect the account. Therefore, when registering, members need to enter their personal information correctly.

Registering an account at X1BET is very simple and convenient. Members only need to have a smartphone and a registered sim card to be able to register. Members can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Access the website of X1BET or the X1BET application

Step 2:  Enter your username (6-12 characters, no accent marks. Members can choose their own easy-to-remember username).

Step 3: Enter your login password (password consisting of 6-12 characters, including letters and numbers. Please do not provide your password to third parties to avoid future account disputes).

Step 4: Enter your registration phone number (members please enter their correct phone number).

Step 5: Press register button now

And that’s it, the member has successfully registered for an account. Members can deposit money right away and directly participate in betting on the exciting game floors of the bookmaker.

X1BET’s game platforms

X1BET is evaluated as a bookmaker with many notable advantages. With diversity in types of betting, X1BET can meet the needs of enthusiasts who love these types. On the website, you can participate in many attractive betting categories such as sports, casino, lottery, slot games, shooting fish, …

The quality of each game category is guaranteed to be at the highest level, ensuring that players have a great betting experience. Each game category is carefully reviewed by the bookmaker team to ensure safety and fairness for players.

X1BET sports

X1BET cooperates with big betting companies such as SABA, CMD, SBOBET, … to provide players with excellent betting experiences. X1BET ensures that players can participate in high-quality and safe betting games.

X1BET offers many different types of betting, including football, volleyball, basketball, and even e-sports. Players can freely choose their favorite types of betting and enjoy exciting experiences.

One of the advantages of X1BET is its diverse and numerous odds such as Malay, European, Hong Kong, etc. With this variety, players can freely choose the suitable odds according to their personal preferences and increase their chances of winning the bet.

X1BET is committed to quickly paying out winnings, ensuring that players do not have to wait long to receive their winnings. The payout time is fast and convenient, making players feel more secure when participating in betting games.

Casino live X1BET

X1BET offers players a variety of games such as baccarat, sic bo, and dragon tiger. These are popular and widely loved games in the world of gambling. These games are all designed with beautiful graphics and lively sound, providing players with a great gaming experience.

Live streaming at X1BET ensures transparency and fair payouts. Players can watch the live tables, place bets, and observe the games in a visual and detailed manner. The professional dealer team ensures that the games are played smoothly and without any fraud.

The interface of X1BET is eye-catching and designed with the support of live streaming hot girls. Players can easily access the website of the bookmaker and experience a beautiful interface, flexible interaction, and diverse features.

X1BET Cockfight

X1BET collaborates with reputable cockfighting schools such as SV388, WS168, Da ga 169, etc. to bring players high-quality and top-notch cockfighting matches. With these partners, X1BET is committed to providing customers with cockfighting tournaments that are of high quality and include all the exciting matches.

Live streaming of cockfighting matches on X1BET allows players to experience the excitement and energy of real matches. Transparency and fairness are ensured through live streaming, avoiding fraudulent and deceptive practices.

X1BET not only ensures fast payout, but also updates results and announcements regularly so that players can keep track of the situation and make accurate betting decisions.

X1BET Cards game

With the development of technology, X1BET is increasingly improving the quality of images and sound to bring players a great gaming experience.

In addition, what attracts players to X1BET is that each game has detailed and easy-to-understand instructions on how to play, helping players easily participate and increase their chances of winning big. This is especially important for those who are new to online gaming and want to fully and comprehensively learn how to play.

Slotgame X1BET

X1BET is highly appreciated for its modern and vivid configuration of slot games. With lively images, sound, and quality graphics, players will feel relaxed and entertained while playing here.

In addition to the attractive game portals, X1BET also provides slot game tips to help players easily grasp the betting methods and win more easily. Thanks to this, players will not have to worry about losing money unreasonably and can enjoy the games in a relaxed and safe manner.

Shooting Fish X1BET

With X1BET, players do not need to travel far to participate in fishing games. X1BET offers remote online fishing betting services, allowing players to participate in games right at home without wasting time and effort.

The fishing game is extremely popular at X1BET. With vivid graphics and realistic sound effects, players will experience the feeling of real fishing. Fishing at X1BET is an excellent choice for players who love this game.

X1BET Lottery

Lottery is one of the popular betting products at most betting sites, and X1BET is no exception. With a variety of betting options such as 2-digit, 3-digit, combination bets or multiple bets, X1BET offers players many choices. It is worth noting that the betting odds at X1BET are extremely attractive, up to 99.5%, much higher than traditional lottery agents, giving players a great chance of winning big.

Why choosing X1BET among thousands of bookmakers?

This is a question that new members often ask. With over 1,000 new members every day, it is no wonder X1BET is so attractive. Let’s explore the wonderful things at X1BET.

Modern interface, professional investment, eye-catching

Modern and professional interface is one of the outstanding advantages of X1BET. With modern, user-friendly screens, players can easily access their favorite products. In addition, useful functions are also added to help players participate in betting easily and effectively.

Each game platform of X1BET has detailed instructions on how to play and bet. Players can easily participate in their favorite matches. Simple and transparent language instructions help players understand the rules and ways to play, helping them achieve better results.

Lighting fast deposit and withdrawal speed.

Depositing and withdrawing money is one of the important issues when participating in betting and X1BET has provided solutions to help customers easily perform transactions.

To deposit money into their account, customers can follow a simple deposit process through supported methods, with a minimum deposit amount of only 100,000 VND and a quick process.

To ensure safety and accuracy in the process of withdrawing money, customers need to enter their personal information correctly. X1BET’s withdrawal service supports customers 24/7, however, customers should choose the morning to perform transactions, especially from Monday to Friday, during this time the transaction processing will be faster.

Reputation and customer information security

X1BET is one of the highly-rated bookmakers in terms of security system. The 2-layer security system applied at X1BET ensures the safety and security of customer information. Members can fully trust when participating in betting activities at X1BET.

Protecting customer information is the top priority of the company. X1BET commits to ensuring that 100% of each customer’s information is kept absolutely confidential and not disclosed to third parties. With a professional and dedicated support team, X1BET ensures that protecting customer information becomes simpler and easier than ever before.

Dedicated customer care with 24/7 support

X1BET trains its customer service staff professionally and with quality. When you participate in X1BET, you will receive the best customer service with a friendly, dedicated, and professional staff.

X1BET always puts customers first in its vision and long-term development strategy. Therefore, X1BET supports customers 24/7, regardless of time and any requests. With a team of professional support staff, X1BET will answer any questions and provide accurate, complete, and timely information so that customers can have the best experience.

In addition, X1BET always listens to customer feedback to improve its services and provide customers with the best experience.

Many attractive and compelling promotions.

Promotions are one of the highlights of X1BET, with many attractive programs such as daily deposit bonuses. Members can participate in more betting activities and also receive more benefits from the bookmaker.

Promotions with high cashback from the bookmaker allow customers to receive back a portion of the lost bets during their participation in betting. Members can be more assured when participating in betting at X1BET.

X1BET highly values and appreciates its long-term customers. We always have special gratitude programs for customers who have been with us and trusted us over time.

Frequently seen FAQs

Sure, let’s answer some frequently asked questions from new players.

What is the age limit and how many accounts can a member register?

At X1BET, only members who are at least 18 years old and meet the registration requirements are allowed to create an account. This ensures safety and avoids illegal betting activities.

In addition, to ensure fairness and prevent fraud, each member is only allowed to register one account at X1BET. This avoids the situation of using multiple accounts to deceive and cheat. Therefore, registering an account at X1BET is carried out in accordance with regulations and ensures the accuracy of verifying members’ information.

What happens if you do not remember the password?

To recover the password of the account, the player can follow the following two ways.

The first way is for players to click on the “Forgot Password” button and choose to verify via SMS or contact customer service. If this option is chosen, the X1BET portal will send a confirmation code to the player’s phone. The player only needs to enter this code and create a new password for their account.

The second way is that players can contact the customer support department (CSKH) to be instructed on how to retrieve their password.

What payment methods does X1BET support?

X1BET has established partnerships with major banks in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, Sacombank, MB Bank, and many more, as well as electronic payment methods such as MomoPay, Viettel Pay, and other services. Members of X1BET can easily and conveniently make payments with safe and widely accepted payment methods.

Members can completely trust the security and safety of payment information when using these payment methods. X1BET is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and meeting the maximum needs of players.

Is it possible to withdraw money? What is the daily withdrawal limit?

Yes, members can withdraw money from their X1BET account. The daily withdrawal limit may vary depending on the chosen withdrawal method and other factors. It is recommended to check the terms and conditions or contact customer support for more information on the withdrawal limits.

When participating in X1BET, you can rest assured that you can easily withdraw money every day. According to the regulations on anti-money laundering laws, players are allowed to withdraw up to 1 billion VND per transaction and up to 10 billion VND per day.

In addition, to ensure a quick and smooth process of depositing and withdrawing money, users need to make sure to fill in complete and accurate bank information when registering.


X1BET is gradually building its reputation in the market thanks to a dedicated team of operators who always prioritize user experience. X1BET provides players with the latest features and continuously upgrades them, along with attractive promotions. Therefore, it is sure to become an ideal destination for those who love betting, a reliable and worthwhile address to join.

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