X1BET Casino is a leading online betting site in Asia, specially designed for Vietnamese players. With cooperation with many major game production units worldwide, the game store here is constantly updated and diverse. X1BET offers many benefits and experiences for new members, as well as daily promotions for registered members.

Presenting X1BET bookmaker

X1BET is operated by a reputable group headquartered in the gambling capital of the Philippines – Manila. The bookmaker has been and is proving its strength in the online betting market in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general. X1BET has thousands of new members joining to experience it every day.

With years of experience in the online betting industry, X1BET understands the market and the demands of each customer. Therefore, X1BET always upgrades the system and improves even the smallest details to provide a great experience for every customer.

Operation Motto

The guiding principle of X1BET is to prioritize quality and trust. The company always puts customers first, listens to feedback from players, and aims to meet customer needs.

The bookmaker is constantly improving its system. From infrastructure to security system, from service quality to user experience, the bookmaker always seeks to improve and perfect to give players the most enjoyable moments.

The house commits to creating a reliable, safe gaming environment that meets the needs of players.

Why choosing X1BET between thousand of place to entertain?

Although X1BET appeared later than its competitors in the online betting market in Vietnam, this is actually an advantage of this bookmaker. X1BET brings a new breeze to the market with advanced technology and more attentive customer care. Statistics show that up to the present time, X1BET is one of the most searched bookmakers on Google Vietnam.

Smart and modern interface

The bookmaker has invested significantly in improving the quality of its images, sound, and gaming platform. With these improvements, the gaming experience for players has been significantly enhanced. The images are now sharper, and the sound is more vibrant.

The simple and user-friendly interface allows new players to easily grasp the rules and gameplay on the gaming platform. Each game floor has detailed instructions, helping players easily understand the rules and how to play.

Security of information, quality – prestige

The online betting market develops gradually every year. Players can easily find a bookmaker to place bets, but it is difficult to find a reputable and quality bookmaker for long-term investment. X1BET ensures its reputation year after year through the increasing number of players. As of 2023, the gaming community here has more than 10,000 members.

X1BET is one of the leading online bookmakers in terms of customer information security. To ensure the safety and privacy of its customers, X1BET uses the most advanced encryption technology available today to protect customers’ personal information from being stolen or hacked by hackers and cyber criminals.

In addition, the information storage system of X1BET is set up to ensure absolute security. Customer information will be stored on secure servers, and no third party can access this data. This ensures that customers’ personal information will not be leaked or sold to any organization or individual.

Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal

Payment system is always a concern for many players as they are afraid of long withdrawal times, transaction fees, etc. However, if you choose X1BET as your betting platform, let the house solve all your worries with a fast, diverse, and convenient transaction system.

With a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods and lightning-fast payment processing times, and support for all levels of deposit fees, transactions are guaranteed to be convenient and fast.

X1BET also attracts a large number of players thanks to its fast deposit and withdrawal policy. Players can withdraw money without limit when they meet the betting requirements set by the bookmaker.

Best customer service ever

The enthusiastic customer care team is one of the major reasons why X1BET is favored and chosen. The customer service staff are extensively trained to answer any questions or concerns from customers.

The dedicated customer support team is one of the main reasons why X1BET is a preferred choice. The customer service staff is well-trained to answer any questions customers may have. The support team is available 24/7 to quickly address any concerns. If there are more in-depth questions, customers can always rely on professional specialists. Therefore, players can trust X1BET’s customer service team with confidence.

Promotion everyday

The bookmaker always has attractive promotion programs specifically designed for new and existing members. With this program, new members will receive many incentives and attractive gifts when registering an account at the bookmaker. At the same time, existing members will also be rewarded by receiving many special promotions and being given priority in appreciation programs.

In addition, the company also has a high daily cashback policy, helping members stay loyal to the company in the long run. Members will feel secure when playing games and can play optimally. With this cashback policy, members can receive more bonuses when participating in games at X1BET.

Exciting games at X1BET

X1BET has built a massive and diverse game library, which helps the system gradually establish its position in the current rewards industry.

X1BET E-sports and sports

The outstanding games that attract players at the betting site are sports games. The site is affiliated with major and world-leading game providers such as Saba, Sbobet, CMD, … Players can rest assured of transparency and clarity from these reputable game providers.

X1BET integrates many sports from traditional sports to e-sports. Players can participate in betting on many sports such as football, volleyball, badminton, and many other sports. With X1BET, many popular games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and many other titles are guaranteed to bring exciting matches and winning opportunities to players.

X1BET is one of the reliable bookmakers with high odds and many different betting categories. Players can participate in various types of betting such as handicap betting, 1×2 betting, accumulator betting, and many other odds such as European, Malay, Hongkong. Players can easily find their favorite match and place bets on the outcome easily.

Casino X1BET

Online card games with various versions from reputable providers such as Evolution Gaming, SA Gaming, and many others.

Online gambling games with various forms such as baccarat, roulette, sicbo and many other games.

With the diversity of betting categories and high odds, players will not miss any matches and have the chance to win many valuable rewards.

Sabong X1BET

X1BET’s cockfighting arena is currently one of the most popular betting venues among new players. Programs are organized almost all year round with a total value of up to billions of Vietnamese dong. During the event, players only need to complete the tasks required by the bookmaker to receive valuable gift codes such as bonuses, deposit vouchers, valuable items, and pla pla from the game platform.

For experienced players who have placed bets at the required amount set by the betting site, they will become VIP members and receive super preferential deposit bonuses. X1BET  cards games to the max

X1BET is a website that provides game services with a wide range of game options for players to freely choose. The special point of X1BET is that the games are designed with an easy-to-see configuration and vivid images, helping players have a better gaming experience. X1BET not only brings joy and relaxation to players but also ensures fairness and safety in the game, helping players to confidently participate in betting.

Fish Shooting – Slot game X1BET

Slot game, also known as a “fruit machine” or “pokie,” is one of the types of number spinning games with real money betting using a slot machine that is very popular worldwide. To start the game, players only need to press the spin button, and the RNG system (which stands for random number generator) will immediately produce the result.

There are many types of slot games such as multi-column slots, multi-row slots, multi-spin slots, and progressive slots. X1BET is one of the attractive places for players because of the diversity of games. With over 500 diverse and rich online slot games, including themes such as cartoons, historical settings, legends, entertainment, martial arts, vacations, provided by the biggest software companies in Southeast Asia today such as Agile Slot, Isoftbet, Microgaming, Habanero…, X1BET ensures absolute reliability.


Traditional lottery and fast lottery at X1BET are both attractive to players. Currently, fast lottery is preferred by players because of its speed and convenience. Transparent results and high payout ratios of 1:99 are also special features of X1BET.

Question asked by lot of people

Here’s where the house will support and answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service immediately for the most accurate answers.

Is X1BET a reputable bookmaker?

X1BET is one of the reputable bookmakers globally. Based in the Philippines but operating worldwide, X1BET ensures high credibility and has a strong influence in the betting market.

X1BET is especially recognized by two reputable organizations, GEO TRUST and PAGCOR, as a safe website for players, ensuring the legality and reliability of players who participate. This also proves that the operators of this bookmaker have met and ensured all ethical and professional standards in the field of betting.

Because not every bookmaker can easily receive certifications from gambling organizations. To be licensed and certified, bookmakers must meet various legal and technical requirements. Therefore, players can fully trust to participate in betting at X1BET without worrying or doubting the credibility of the bookmaker.

The official link of the bookmaker?

Currently, with the development of technology, there are many fake links of X1BET betting website appearing with the purpose of fraud and personal gain. This causes a lot of trouble and danger for players, making them lose money and personal information. Therefore, to avoid being scammed, players need to access the official link of the betting site to ensure their safety.

The official links of X1BET are important information that players need to know. In order to access the website and participate in games, players need to access the correct official link of the website. These are the links that are guaranteed to be safe and not counterfeit, including

The act of downloading the betting app onto a smartphone helps players to have a better experience when participating in betting. This provides more convenience for players as they don’t need to open a browser and access the bookmaker’s website every time, they want to place a bet.

Does it cost anything to register for an account?

Registering an account at X1BET is completely free, you just need to have a smartphone and a phone number to start participating in betting. The registration process is very simple and fast, you just need to access the X1BET website and follow the instructions. You don’t have to worry about any costs when registering an account, X1BET always aims to provide the best experience for players.

To deposit and withdraw money quickly, players need to provide accurate personal information when registering an account. The personal information of players will be kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone else. Providing complete information also helps customers avoid risks when conducting financial transactions.

However, to ensure fairness in betting, each member is only allowed to register one account at X1BET. Customers need to provide accurate personal information and register with their own identity to avoid having their account deleted or blocked.

X1BET only allows account registration for players who are 18 years old or older to ensure age and legal responsibility when participating in betting. Therefore, when registering an account, players need to pay attention to this to avoid violating the law and being locked out of their account.

Are there any welcome promotions for new members?

X1BET always has many attractive promotion programs for new members to join. You can receive a gift code by contacting us via telegram … With these programs, the bookmaker aims to bring the best experience to new members when starting to participate in betting on our platform.

For new members who make their first deposit, X1BET immediately offers a 100% bonus on the deposited amount. The maximum bonus can be up to thousands of dollars. This is our special promotion for new members. We hope that with this program, it will help you have more money to participate in betting and experience our products.

Every day, X1BET also has special promotions for depositing money and promotions for each game table. You can enjoy these great benefits at any time during the day. Thanks to that, you can have more money to bet and play by using these promotions.

Can I withdraw money?

X1BET supports customers to deposit and withdraw money through various banks and other means such as momopay, zalo pay, etc. This ensures that customers have flexibility and convenience in depositing and withdrawing money.

When completing the promotional requirements, customers can completely trust and feel confident because they can quickly and easily withdraw the desired amount of money.


X1BET is a leading online betting site in Asia with many attractive offers and promotions. In addition to Vietnam, X1BET is also a well-known money betting website in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea. With a large presence in these countries, X1BET is currently the number one and leading betting site in Asia.


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