Promotions are everywhere, and X1BET promotions are no exception. Let’s find out how many types of benefits players receive when participating.

What is X1BET promotion on the house?

The house always has many promotions for players when participating in betting games here. This factor will decide a lot to attract and help the household players before the competition of other competitors in the market.

Understandably, X1BET promotions are the bonus programs that the house offers to create the attractiveness of the service. This is also a way to encourage players to choose to experience more and more betting games on the house.

These bonus programs will vary, depending on the program, the level of rewards that are large and small will also vary.

6 Most Popular X1BET Promotions

Currently, the house is applying a lot of promotions to players. However, the most popular are the following bonus programs:


X1BET Welcome Bonus Promotions

This is a bonus program when players successfully register an account. This is usually an amount added to the player’s game account. The bonus level will be fixed to create fairness among players.

X1BET promotions free bets

The dealer will offer X1BET to players free bets. Of course, this bet is virtual money. It helps players have practical experiences before making a decision whether to deposit money to participate in the bookie’s betting game experience or not.

Deposite X1BET

First Deposit Bonus Offer:

All players who make their first deposit after registration are entitled to X1BET promotion. This program will create excitement for players when choosing the dealer’s game to experience. The bigger the first deposit, the bigger the bonus will be.


X1BET Rebate Offer

Many betting games, the house will apply a very attractive bonus policy. That is the return promotion. This means that the player will be paid back the same amount as his bet even if he loses the bet. This will create a safer mentality for players. As such, players are also more confident every time down the money to bet.

X1BET promotion on special events

On holidays, Tet or special events such as: International Labor, National Day, March 8… the house also has many attractive X1BET promotions. This is how players can get the most out of these bonuses for a lot more lucrative betting opportunities. The way for the house to appreciate the trust of players when choosing to experience the services of the house and not any other unit in the market.

X1BET promotion for VIP customers

The VIP customers of the house will have more attractive bonus privileges. In particular, the rewards are also more valuable than regular members. This is how the house encourages users to strive for Vip when participating in betting.

To enjoy the X1BET promotions that the house offers, you should immediately experience the attractive betting games below. You will not be disappointed even once with your choice.