X1BET is one of the leading online betting sites in Asia. With the development of technology, X1BET provides its members with great betting experiences with a diverse and high-quality product system.

X1BET offers a variety of high-quality online betting products, including sports betting, live casino, online slots, and other exciting games. They cover all major sports events and leagues from around the world, allowing users to easily place bets on their favorite teams and players. With a professional and dedicated customer support team, X1BET provides a great user experience for all players.

The outstanding point of X1BET bookmaker

A brand new security system from X1BET

The experienced years in the industry and the constant learning and change have brought X1BET many outstanding advantages. With advancements in technology, the system of the betting company is built and managed by experienced experts.

Investing in a well-designed interface

The interface of the website is designed with a modern and eye-catching style, which helps members feel friendly and comfortable when accessing it. From color arrangement to images, everything is optimized to provide the best online experience for members. With regular updates and upgrades, the website ensures that the interface of members is always in the optimal state. Members can easily find information and access services.

Not only does X1BET have an attractive interface, but it also has intelligent design. The simple layout helps members easily get familiar and more convenient in placing bets. With great entertainment features, along with comprehensive instructions, members will not encounter any difficulties in betting. Experience the exciting games at X1BET by simplifying the betting process and providing intelligent features. The bookmaker has created a special experience for its members.

Fast deposit and withdrawal support

X1BET Vietnam is one of the few bookmakers that has connections to almost all banks in Vietnam. Especially, online payment methods such as Momopay, Zalo pay, etc. are also supported, helping members easily find the most suitable deposit method for themselves. You do not spend too much time on depositing and withdrawing money to your account.

The process of depositing and withdrawing money at X1BET Vietnam is also carried out quickly and easily. The deposit and withdrawal processing team ensures that transactions take only about 5 minutes, helping members quickly receive or withdraw money in the most convenient way. Moreover, the intelligent system configuration also helps members easily get familiar with the deposit and withdrawal methods at this bookmaker.

Optimizing the security of members’ information

X1BET is highly rated for its optimal encryption system used to protect members’ account information. The security system is configured to the highest standard, ensuring safety and security for all member activities on the platform. Transactions such as depositing and withdrawing money are also highly secured. You can have complete peace of mind when using X1BET‘s services.

The selling of personal information of members is a pressing issue in the online betting market. X1BET has addressed this issue by committing to not selling any personal information of its members to any third parties. This helps members feel completely at ease and confident when providing their personal information to the platform. X1BET also guarantees the security and transparency of its members’ personal information.

The dedicated member care system


X1BET is using a 24/24-member care strategy to meet the needs of its members. With a professional support team, the house can help members resolve any issues related to betting.

Finding support is no longer a problem for members. You can rest assured that all questions related to betting will be answered. Members can contact the bookmaker through the following channels:

  • Livechat: Members can click on the chat icon on the screen to contact the bookmaker directly. Customer service will support and answer any questions of each member.
  • Telegram: Members can contact us through Telegram at: … or username: …. This is the fastest and most convenient method. All the old and new information of members will be stored in the Telegram channel. Our customer service team can easily capture the needs and information of each person.
  • Zalo: Members can contact via phone number: … and Zalo name: … Members need to contact the correct CSKH account of the house to be accurately supported on the issue.
  • Gmail: … this is X1BET‘s Gmail. You can send reviews, inquiries. The bookmaker will support the fastest possible feedback. You should also regularly check your email because the bookmaker will send separate promotions to each member. Don’t miss any opportunity to receive any promotions.
  • Hotline: You can contact the hotline number: … The customer support team will assist you in resolving your inquiries 24/24.

Promotions and offers updated daily

The bookmaker is inviting new members to join with many attractive promotional programs. Free trial and 100% first deposit bonus are just the beginning. Join now to not miss the opportunity to receive many other benefits as well as exciting matches taking place.

The daily reload bonus is a highlight of X1BET. With high percentage of bonus and low wagering requirement, members have the opportunity to get back a lot of money when participating in ongoing games.

To encourage members to bet more, the bookmaker is implementing a high cashback program. The amount of cashback will increase gradually with the number of bets. Therefore, bet more to receive attractive incentives from the bookmaker.

VIP members will receive more special and attractive promotions than other members. In addition to the benefits that apply to all members, VIP members will also receive exclusive promotions designed specifically for them.

Compilation of the hottest games currently

X1BET is becoming one of the most popular online entertainment providers in Vietnam and the Asia region. It has gained such popularity not only because of its attractive promotions but also because of owning the hottest game titles today. This has created an appeal for the Vietnamese and international gaming communities to participate and experience.

Sports in X1BET

In the past 2 years, the sports betting sector at X1BET has experienced strong development. Currently, this bookmaker has become one of the leading units in the sports betting market in Asia. To continue holding this position, X1BET always seeks to diversify the types of sports betting it provides.

Currently, X1BET offers 2 sports betting halls: Traditional sports and electronic sports (Esports). Each hall has its own strengths, creating a difference. X1BET‘s Sports Hall is suitable for those who love the traditional Asian style in sports betting. Meanwhile, Electronic sports is an excellent choice for those who prefer modern and fast-paced gameplay.

Casino live X1BET

X1BET has launched the Casino section at the same time as other entertainment products, ensuring the professionalism and quality of the product. The bookmaker always cares about the member’s experience, so it has provided 5 casino halls from the world’s leading casino brands to diversify the choices:

AE Sexy: With beautiful girls wearing sexy bikinis, creating a lively and exciting atmosphere.

Evolution: Thousands of high-quality games that bring unique and exciting gameplay.

Gameplay: Attractive card games with the essence of the Far East.

WM Casino: The combination of games and live TV creates exciting and engaging games.

X1BET cockfighting

“Cockfighting” is one of the most popular betting rooms today, especially for newcomers. The bookmaker provides many exciting activities for newcomers to increase their assets.

In addition, X1BET‘s Cockfighting room also has many attractive reward programs not only for newcomers. These programs are regularly organized and have a total value of up to several billion Vietnamese dong.

During the event, you just need to complete the tasks required by the bookmaker to receive valuable gift codes. The rewards of these codes are very diverse, including bonuses, top-up vouchers, valuable items, and pla pla.

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Cards game in X1BET

X1BET also organizes various types of reward-based entertainment games. These games have been verified to ensure authenticity, while providing big winning opportunities for lucky players.

The rules are simple and the initial investment is low, but players can earn a lot of money. Instead of sitting and betting all day, players can experience new forms of entertainment.

Slot game – Shooting Fish X1BET

Most online gaming sites now integrate fish shooting games with rewards. This is a very popular game nowadays, attracting many participants. X1BET is currently providing online fish shooting games that simulate the gameplay of offline shooting styles.

With the reputation and experience accumulated over many years, when participating in slot games at X1BET, you will have a higher and easier hitting rate. In particular, the game is divided into different types of rooms such as for newbies, high rollers, etc. to help you balance the most suitable amount of capital for yourself.

Lottery – Quick Lottery X1BET

X1BET offers its members many forms of traditional Vietnamese lottery games with the highest odds of winning in the market, with a bonus rate of up to 1 in 99. In addition, members can also try their luck with the super exciting Fast 3 lottery. If you want to seek your fortune, participate in playing lottery games that take only 3 or 5 minutes. All have simple rules, suitable for all types of players. High winning opportunities with low investment.

Question people ask us often

Can I participate in betting without depositing money?

This is an online betting website, so to place bets, members need to deposit money into their accounts first. When a member deposits 100,000 VND into their account, it is equivalent to 100 game points. Members can use the game points to place bets on the available games on the website.

What are the deposit and withdrawal methods?

Since this is an online betting website, members can deposit money to participate in placing bets through various traditional methods. If members want to deposit money by online transfer or at a counter, both are supported. In addition, online payment methods such as Momo Pay, Zalo Pay, and Viettel Pay are also accepted by X1BET. The simple and convenient deposit process allows members to participate in betting quickly and conveniently.

The withdrawal process at X1BET is very easy and convenient. Members need to provide accurate bank information to proceed with the withdrawal. The platform supports withdrawals from all banks operating in Vietnam. X1BET always strives for diversity and convenience in its services by supporting multiple payment methods and withdrawals via various banks.

What should be noted when registering an account at the bookmaker?

Participating in online betting requires members to be at least 18 years old. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure the safety of members and avoid violations of the law regarding minors. Therefore, members need to ensure they are of legal age before participating in online betting.

When registering an account to participate in online betting, members need to provide accurate personal information. Especially, do not register under the name of friends or other relatives. Each member is only allowed to register one account at X1BET.

When registering for an account, members need to ensure that they do not disclose their account information such as password, ID card photo, and bank card to third parties. Ensuring the security of personal information is very important to avoid fraud and financial insecurity. Members need to link accurate information from their primary bank to facilitate safe and convenient deposit and withdrawal transactions.

What are the benefits for members when participating in X1BET?

The benefits that players can receive when betting at X1BET are:

  • Registering an account is free and performing actions on the platform is easy and simple.
  • The process of depositing and withdrawing money is safe and can be done anywhere and anytime the player wants.
  • High level of information security, ensuring peace of mind for players when registering and making transactions on the platform.
  • The organization of continuous promotion programs so that players can receive many attractive rewards and benefits.
  • The professional trained staff is ready to support and advise players on any questions or concerns.

In addition, players also have the opportunity to experience many games and receive many other rich experiences from X1BET.

What is the minimum bet in the betting platform?

X1BET is constantly striving to meet the diverse needs of players. We provide betting limits suitable for all types of players, from beginners to experienced customers. Depending on the type of entertainment, the minimum betting limit may vary, but with a minimum amount of only 1000 VND, players can start betting on countless exciting games that we provide.


X1BET is one of the leading bookmakers in Vietnam, committed to providing customers with quality and perfect services. X1BET CASINO is an excellent choice for those who love online betting games, with a full range of diverse and attractive games. In addition, X1BET offers attractive promotional programs and enthusiastic 24/7 customer support. We wish you all the best and have exciting moments and victories on X1BET CASINO!

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